Falling leaves brings up memories

12118668_10102677640583659_95323920309852936_nThis is my son’s fourth fall. Each year he loves to rake up a huge pile of leaves and jump into them (I mean, who doesn’t). Every time I grab a picture or two and don’t think much of it; but last night I decided to dig the old ones up and pull them together in this collage (I used the Layout app on my phone if your looking for one).

The result brought a huge smile to my face as I posted it to Facebook because it reminded me of how great all of this kid stuff can be. The day-to-day gets in the way of nostalgia (particularly when my three-year old is driving me bat-shit crazy) but as the years begin to pile up I can’t help but notice the change in him even thought the setting stays the same.

The few weeks leading up to Halloween may be the best weeks of the year that we have together. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf jumping, warm days, cool nights and all the fun of costumes and candy have made this a great stretch of days to be a dad.

I need to slow down and remember this a bit more often.


Pat Lemieux

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