Why parents become weekend warriors during the summer

While swimming and BBQing this past Sunday with friends, we had a conversation about the small handful of days left in the Maine summer. Before I knew it my last few precious weekends were filled up with logistics, long drives and family activities. IMG_2047   I tend to be a curmudgeon when it comIMG_1628es to planning things (I’m not sure why) but after some thought and some gentle persuasion I jumped on board. Now I’m looking forward to the family plans I have for the rest of the summer which include camping, Splash Town, a kids fun run, Story Land, live music and more. There is always a reason to say no to this kind of stuff. “I’m too busy with work” or “we just went on a trip” or “how much is that going to cost”. On of my favorites used IMG_1458to be that our son was too young and “won’t even remember this”. It makes you almost want to write (in a blog perhaps) all the things you did with your kids not just for posterity, but so that you can present it to them (accompanied by an invoice) when they get older. IMG_2192It’s true, your young kids won’t remember all the time you spent taking them places and doing fun things with them. Hell at this point in August I’m not sure that I can remember all the stuff we have done just this summer. And while it’s true that my son may not remember the individual “stuff” we have done, he knows what it is to go on “adventures” with his family. I see the excitement in his IMG_1906eyes when we talk with him about our plans. I see the joy on his face as he explores brand new things. I grow closer to him with each passing weekend. The feeling for him can only be described as excitement, but for me it feels like another periods in my life. It feels like my last summer before leaving Farmington for IMG_1219college. It feels like some of the long road trips I have taken. It feels like when I fist started dating my wife Ashley. That feeling of exploring new people and places with those closest to you. It is the glue that keeps us all together and the high points of a person’s life. So though the “stodgy old Mainer” in me puts up a fight about all these adventures at first, the truth is I love this new life of being a “weekend warrior”. IMG_2324The house projects will always be there and the money never will be, but I wouldn’t trade in these adventures for anything. Catching up with my wife and son is better than catching up on work and sleep and I’m looking forward to spending the last few weekends of summer with them. Enjoy yours. IMG_2841

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