Central Street Farmhouse is doing something cool for new dads

There isn’t much out there for dads when it comes to parenting groups. There is the super fun birthing class and then daddy boot camp, but not much after your baby is actually born.

The first few months and years of parenting are a crazy, stressful, wonderful, terrifying, emotionally draining time for all people, but having a place to talk about that as a dad, with other dads is hard to find. Particularly a place where a man might feel relaxed and comfortable.

1401616_698803460130770_1039878082_oEnter the awesome folks at Central Street Farmhouse. This coming Monday from 5-7 they will have the first meeting of he Farmhouse Dads Group. What is posted about the event on their Facebook event page is the following:

“If you’re a new dad, soon-to-be dad, or even an experienced dad, please join us for our first Dads Group meetup here at the Farmhouse. We’ll talk parenting war stories, and offer feedback, advice, and a general hangout for dudes like you: daddies who handle their business, to paraphrase Chris Rock. “

I think this is great and though I have a two-year old (which makes me sort of a veteran) I still plan to go. I would encourage any day who wants to chat, ask questions, laugh or just get out of the house for 2 hours to check it out. It should be a good experience.

Thank you Central Street for doing this!

Pat Lemieux

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