Are the terrible twos really that terrible?

We take selfies int he morning, this is our Fozzie Bear face

We take selfies in the morning, this is our Fozzie Bear face

Today is my son’s birthday. He was born at 11:30 pm on February 18, 2012. For those of you who aren’t good with math that means he turned 2 today.

It’s a mixed bag of feelings watching your baby grow up. Some days you can’t wait until they are out of your face, others you don’t ever want to stop holding them. Still I have to say that at this moment, 2 seem like a pretty awesome age.

I frigging love this kid. We had a blast today. We did puzzles, played basketball and ate ice cream. I don’t have that much fun with the friends I have that are my age.

People often talk about “the terrible twos” and how bad they are. So far (at least for the first day) I have to disagree. While I expect to have to deal with a fair amount of attitude and temper tantrums (not to mention the fiasco that is to be potty training), like a fine wine my kid seems to only be getting better with age.

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He likes my ice cream more than his. In his defense mine is better.

For starters, he talks a lot. He tells me what he wants. I don’t have to guess. If only everyone  told me what they wanted and when they wanted it my life would be much easier. He also likes to laugh, sing, and tell stories. It’s hilarious to have a toddler talk to you about their day.

He eats real food now too. No more liquid diet; no more bowls of gray mush. He likes mac n cheese, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, and all sorts of stuff. This morning we shared a bowl of cereal; this afternoon we shared ice cream. Soon enough, I’m going to get to steal all his uneaten chicken finger at restaurants.

Also, he does shit now. I don’t have to hold and

My house is about to get a lot more broken.

My house is about to get a lot more broken.

carry him all the time, I don’t have to just sit and watch him, we can do things. He likes to rough house, run play games and dance. It’s a blast to play with him. He got a basketball hoop for his birthday. A basketball hoop! I am going to break soooo much stuff in my house having 3-point shoot outs with him.

So parents out there please let me know. Is this the calm before the storm? Will he turn into some evil little Chucky doll in a few days? Is this all too good to be true?

I have 364 more days to find out.

my height paying off

My height paying off.

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