Just because you aren’t on YouTube doesn’t mean you aren’t a good dad.

photo 4Unless you have been living out around North Pond or are watching nothing but porn online, you have probably seen BatDad. He spends his days dressing up as Batman and making fun video’s with his kids. If you haven’t seen him you have probably seen someone just like him. There is the dad singing Beatles songs with his boy, the dad returning from active duty to his son’s football game or any number of other amazing things father’s are being videotaped doing for their children.

photo 1We see this each day and think, “wow! that guy is amazing! What a great dad.” And we are right to think those things. Just make sure that you are thinking these things about yourself too.

Dad’s are amazing. They are amazing everyday, all over the world. They are amazing by doing very ordinary looking things. Yesterday I saw a guy at a stop light, reaching into the back seat to make sure his child was covered up and warm. Last week I watched a father having a burger with his son before he took him to the Maine hockey game. I have a friend who works his ass off running a plumbing and heating company and comes home every night and plays with his boys. I was 10 minutes late for work last Friday because my son wanted me to read him more stories.

photo 2These may not be YouTube worthy events,(frankly neither are most things on the internet) but still, it is worth recognizing the little things dads do every day to help shape the lives of their children.

This in no was diminishes or overshadows the incredible amount of effort mothers put into raising their children, but instead is just a simple pat on the back to all the other fathers out there who are doing a great job on and off the internet.

Good job guys!



Pat Lemieux

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