Being a dad – in 140 characters or less

In taking a quick look at my Twitter feed I noticed that a lot of it focuses on parenting and my son. So I thought I would highlight a little bit of the last few days here for ya.

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How fathers like me are using social media to complain about and make fun of their children. – Don’t judge us, its all we have.

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Sometimes ii’s a simple observation
My son is napping – and I’m watching football. I literally can’t stop smiling.Pat Lemieux
childproofing – it’s as fun as it sounds.Pat Lemieux
Dark, spitting snow and 20 degrees didn’t matter. My son is a parade junkie. He loves it! Lemieux
Sometimes it is a deeply profound thought
Some day my children will enjoy my humor. Now it only makes them cry.Peter Small
Yesterday I child proofed my kitchen. Today, I hate my kitchen.Pat Lemieux
Social media is a great place to ask parenting questions and get guidance from other fathers. 
do i take my son to see Santa today or do I come up with another way to scare the hell out of him?Pat Lemieux
@PatrickJLemieux DO IT! AND take photographs! That fear in their eyes and little mouth frozen in a scream is freaking adorable!! HO! HO! HO!Rabid Outdoorsman
@PatrickJLemieux scare him? You’re going to an event that starts at noon full of kids who should be napping, more like scare you #NoThanksChaddah
One man’s professional victory is another man’s parenting. 
Made it through my #SMBME presentation without swearing or throwing up. #winPat Lemieux
@PatrickJLemieux coincidentally, those are also my top two parenting goals. #smbmeDerek Rice


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