Onesies, twosies, I love yousies

Not gonna lie, fatherhood and life in general is taking its toll and I have been reluctant to blog about it. However, I track data for a living and see that there are people who actually read this and they have reached out to me and asked, “why haven’t you blogged in a while?” I’m not ready to talk about the hard truth (and I may never be) but I am ready to talk about the fun and fluff of fatherhood.

So today we are going to talk about onesies. That’s right. I have a lot of t-shirts and I fully expect to get my son all sorts of the same. So far he has an extensive collection but I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.

For obvious reasons this one kicks ass. Though I would have been happier had I found a Decepticons onesie, but the Autobots will just have to do. If this kid thinks he’s growing up without a fond appreciation for 1980’s cartoons he has another thing coming.

I like the tiny whales on this one. If someone can find one with a giant squid on it that would be even cooler. It should be a cartoon squid though because frankly I don’t want to put him in a onesie that looks like this.

while we are on the animal kick I thought I would show you this one. I just love the little chickens. So yellow and fun. They all look so happy, right there on the onesie, chick chick chickens……anyway…you get the point

Also I fully expect that within weeks of him walking I will be trying to get him up to the mountain and on a snowboard. The sooner he learns the sooner we can take trips to the mountain together. After a year or 2 he will be better than me so I will have to bring my game up a level. I’ll have to keep working on my 360s. The landing is questionable to say the least.

This one hasn’t come yet but it is on its way in the mail. You can find it at

I am having a hard time finding a onesie with the album cover to Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood album. This is necessary as it could be the best hair metal album to come out of the 80’s and when I play it in the truck the boy seems to like it. 80’s metal is something I shall pass down to him, much like my father passed down to me.

Other cute slogans I will be on the lookout for are:

  • “I’m pooping, like…right now”
  • “Less milk, more bacon!”
  • “vive la vie bohème”
  • “Slayer Rules”
  • “my dad can beat up your dad”



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