The time has come

The time has come. City hall is pulling the permit for the occupy uterus movement. We fear that the baby is growing a second head and it is best to get him out.

So tonight while my wife and I were doing groceries the doctor called to let us know that at some point we should head over to the hospital to begin the process of inducing labor.

That sounded good to us (especially to my wife who is now 41 weeks pregnant) but we thought it best to finish groceries first (the cart was half full). After that since we were not sure when she would get to eat again we decided to celebrate by having dinner at Olive Garden. My wife used her sad eyes and super pregnant belly to get us a seat fast. When the waiter asked us what brought us in I replied “do you really want to know”. We explained that after dinner we were heading to the hospital to have a baby. After promising not have the baby there and ruin everyone’s dinner he agreed to serve us. Frankly, I have never had such fast and great service at the OG. However I thought with the whole “looming birth” story they would have thrown in a free desert or something, but maybe some other time.

After we headed to the hospital, signed he paperwork and headed up to the delivery floor. If I have one piece of advice if you ever had children this is it. Bring treats for the nurses. We showed up with valentines chocolates we got for 50% off (while doing groceries) and instantly my wife was everyone’s favorite patient. I can’t recommend this enough!

Finally it came time for me to come home and check on the dogs. I thought I would be able to get a good night’s sleep. Yeah….thats not happening. Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s nerves, maybe excitement but all I know is I can’t sleep.

I have walked the dogs, done laundry, cleaned up the house a bit, sent e-mails and made phone calls and still I can’t relax.

I can’t help but think about the life I am leaving behind and the one that is about to begin. With any luck by this time tomorrow I will be a father. That’s a lot to take in. Nine months have not prepared me for the way I feel right now.

So I after I finish this post I’m going to sit in my chair, play with my dogs, listen to a live Pearl Jam show they recorded in Boston in 2010 (I was there and it was amazing) and enjoy a great scotch.

I’m not sure how good at the whole fatherhood thing I will be. But I will try my best, and I’ll bring you all along for the ride.

I’ll ride the wave, where it takes me. – Eddie Vedder



Pat Lemieux

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